About Snack Food Association

Who We Are

The Snack Food Association (SFA) is the international trade association of the snack food industry, representing snack manufacturers and suppliers. Founded in 1937, SFA represents over 400 companies worldwide. SFA business membership includes, but is not limited to, manufacturers of potato chips, tortilla chips, cereal snacks, pretzels, popcorn, cheese snacks, snack crackers, meat snacks, pork rinds, snack nuts, party mix, corn snacks, pellet snacks, fruit snacks, snack bars, granola, snack cakes, cookies and various other snacks.

Our Mission

SFA’s Mission is to create resources which fuel and reinforce value for SFA members by offering services and relationship building forums for members in support of industry growth and dynamic relevance.

The Three Pillars of Snack Food Association Membership:

SFA accomplishes its mission through the three pillars of SFA: government relations, education, and networking access.

The Snack Food Association:

  • Serves as the voice for the snack food industry before government 
  • Researches and compiles annual snack industry sales and consumer data 
  • Provides a positive industry voice to the national, local and trade media 
  • Educates members on technological advances in equipment and raw ingredients, and on consumer trends pertaining to the snack industry 
  • Educates members on key food safety regulations through annual programs and interactive online trainings; 
  • Hosts the world’s premier trade show devoted exclusively to the snack food industry’s manufacturers and suppliers 
  • Provides technical support to its members through direct assistance, videos, seminars and publications, and 
  • Creates networking opportunities between the industry’s manufacturers, marketers, and suppliers to foster relationship building, collaboration, and growth